Princes Highway, Corio

Level Crossing
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 61.940 km
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The main Melbourne Road crosses the railway line just outside Corio. In 1935 flashing lights were installed at the crossing, making it one of the first installations in the state. In 1959 increasing traffic lead to the highway crossing being replaced by a 4 lane overpass. The new road was to the north of the level crossing, with the old road still visible to the east of the tracks today. From 1958 until 1969 the bridge and approaches was designated by the Country Roads Board as the 'Corio Bypass Road'.

Originally spanning two railway tracks, a single lane of traffic on the west side, and two lanes of traffic on the west side, with the construction of the standard gauge line in 1995 the western abutment was undercut so the road could be moved sideways, in tern permitting the passage of the third track under the bridge.

In 2000 two 3 lane bridges were built beside the existing bridge as part of the Princess Highway upgrade. Built to double stack container clearances, the original bridge was not altered and still presents an obstacle to their operation. The original overpass was initially used to carry two lanes to access Broderick Road, but in 2007 have been converted back to four lanes to carry the Geelong Ring Road.

During construction on October 8, 2000, a fatal accident occurred when a beam for the Geelong bound bridge fell onto a construction worker, closing the railway underneath for eight days. A goods train had passed under the bridge three hours before the collapse, and a passenger train had due to pass under it an hour and 15 minutes after the accident. The bridge was named the 'Robert Sergi Bridge' as a memorial to the deceased.


July 26, 1935 Flashing lights provided
July 7, 1959 Road overbridge provided



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