Princes Highway, Warncoort

Level Crossing
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 139.906 km
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This is the third crossing of the highway and railway after Geelong, and is the first one without grade separation. It is located at the down end of the former Warncoort station. It is at the 'T' junction of the road from Birregurra, with the junction altered to place it away from the railway crossing. The level crossing is on an acute angle, with the railway from Colac running parallel to the road.

The crossing was the site of the first 'active warning lights' for drivers level crossings, which are a large orange sign with two amber lights embedded in them. When the level crossing is activated the lights alternately illuminate in the same was as those at a zebra crossing. The set of lights fitted here are unique as they are built of standard traffic light components on a single steel post, unlike more recent installations which use a pair of timber posts.


February 15, 1915 Hand gates replaced by cattle pits
June 23, 1960 Flashing lights provided