Public Coal Storage Sidings

Line: Fyansford
Opened: May 2, 1923

Known as the 'Public Coal Storage Sidings', 'Public Service Coal Storage Sidings' or the 'Morongo Coal Siding', the distance from Melbourne was listed 44 miles 50 chains, the same figure as the level crossing at Thompsons Road. An alternate source places it 800 metres (1/2 mile) from North Geelong. Whether this was the station or the yard of the same name is unknown at this time, however the yard is the more probable option as it places the siding off the Fyansford line itself.

Mention of the operation of the siding is made in the 1953 Victorian Railways "General Appendix" Special Instructions section, the siding was worked by a pilot engine from North Geelong.

It is described as "Points in the Main Line of the Delta Crossing at Up end are rodded to Points at opposite end in the Siding, and Points in the Main Line at the Down end are rodded to Catch Blades in the Siding, and the points in the Main Line being secured by Staff Locks."

The siding could be worked without the pilot being in possession of the train staff for the North Geelong 'C' - Fyansford section (using the Master Key and permission from North Geelong 'C' signalman) provided:

  • The work is carried out in daylight only.
  • If Fyansford train was assisted by a bank engine, it must have returned to North Geelong.
  • A Hand Signalman must walk along the line from North Geelong to the siding, and place three detonators placed 10 yards apart 600 yards from the Fyansford end of the siding and exhibit a hand danger signal, until the pilot has returned to North Geelong.
  • On his return the Hand Signalman must inspect the staff locked points at the Coal Siding to ensure they are in the correct position for main line moves.
  • If the Fyansford train arrives at the siding before the pilot has departed, it may precede the pilot provided the crew on the pilot are informed and given the master key and the train staff. The Hand Signalman then accompanies the Fyansford train back to North Geelong, ready to exhibit the hand caution signal in the event the pilot approaches before the Fyansford train arrives in clear at North Geelong.
  • Up Fyansford trains must approach cautiously the coal sidings and watch for hand signals.


May 2, 1923 Opened
Line Opened
September 9, 1918 Line opened Fyansford Line Junction to Fyansford