Queenscliff Station

Line: Queenscliff
Distance from Melbourne: 108.628 km
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Opened: May 21, 1879
Closed: November 6, 1976

Queenscliff station was built to serve the town of the same name.

The main traffic dispatched was fish from the fishing fleet stationed at Queenscliff. Ordinance and explosives from the military's Swan Island depot was also shipped by rail.

A 3 foot gauge tramway existed between the years of 1886 and 1958 to serve the military facilities on Swan Bay. A gantry crane was provided at the down end of the Queenscliff yard to aid transhipment of goods.

The yard at Queenscliff was unusual in having three sets of three-way points used.


May 21, 1879 Opened
January 1, 1881 New station building provided (this year)
January 1, 1886 3 foot gauge tramway built to Swan Island to serve military facilities there (this year)
January 1, 1936 Pier extension beyond Bridge Street closed, as well as number 2 road extension (this year)
January 1, 1958 Swan Bay tramway closed (this year)
November 22, 1960 Turntable put out of use
November 3, 1970 Turntable and number 3 road removed
November 6, 1976 Closed
Line Opened
May 21, 1879 Line opened Queenscliff Junction to Queenscliff
May 21, 1879 Staff and Ticket provided Queenscliff Junction - Queenscliff
June 8, 1931 Staff and Ticket provided Drysdale - Queenscliff
November 6, 1976 Queenscliff closed. Staff and Ticket section now South Geelong - Cheetham's Siding
Line Closed
November 6, 1976 Line closed Cheetham's Siding to Queenscliff



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