Seddon Station

Seddon Station
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 6.618 km
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Opened: December 10, 1906

Seddon is a minor suburban station with two side platforms on twin tracks. An older style footbridge links the platforms at the down end, with the present utilitarian brown brick station buildings provided in 1981. The up platform has a large building that is disused, the down platform has a small shelter.

Seddon was initially opened as a Double Line Block post between Footscray and Yarraville stations in 1906. In 1912 it was closed as a block post, but automatic signalling was not provided on the section until 1927.


December 10, 1906 Opened for traffic with 6 lever frame
October 22, 1912 Closed as block post
June 6, 1965 Station Master removed
Line Opened
January 17, 1859 Williamstown line finally completed to Melbourne. Geelong trains can now operate direct to Spencer Street Station
Track Amplified
(January 19, 1887) Line duplicated Footscray to Yarraville
December 10, 1906 Seddon opened. Double Line Block section now Footscray - Seddon - Yarraville
October 22, 1912 Seddon closed. Double Line Block section now Footscray - Yarraville



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Overview from the south

January 25, 2009


March 11, 2007


Platform 2 in the background

August 23, 2006

Overview from the north

Footscray end of Seddon looking towards the station in the Newport direction

July 28, 2005


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