South Geelong Signal Box

Signal Box
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Opened: August 5, 1901

South Geelong was first interlocked in 1901 when a 20 lever frame was installed, after the extension of the Queenscliff Line junction into the station. The frame still remains today, and is one of four remaining McKenzie and Holland No 6 Pattern 'Rocker' Frames in Victoria. The frame was originally located in a signal bay in front of the old station building, with the current station building being built around the frame.

In 2006 the station was resignalled and the semaphore down departure signal replaced, leaving the station with all colour light signals. Only one set of points and a crossover are mechanically connected to the frame. It is believed a future resignalling project will make the current interlocking redundant, and permit the remote control of South Geelong from Geelong.


August 5, 1901 Opened
Line Opened
November 25, 1876 Line opened Geelong to Winchelsea



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