Sunshine Station

Line: Regional Rail Link
Distance from Melbourne: 12.254 km
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Sunshine station is where the Regional Rail Link tracks branch off from the main line towards Sydenham and Bendigo.

As part of the Regional Rail Link project, the existing station was rebuilt, with existing platform 3 and newly built platform 4 being dedicated to V/Line services.

At the up end of the station there are crossovers that link the RRL tracks to the citybound suburban tracks, as well as a junction to the Newport - Sunshine goods line. At the down end is a crossover that links the RRL tracks to Bendigo-bound main line.


Line Opened
April 28, 2014 Line opened Sunshine (junction to suburban tracks) to Sunshine (junction to Bendigo line)
Track Amplified
September 3, 1976 Line duplicated Sunshine to Deer Park Junction
September 3, 1976 Centralised Traffic Control provided Sunshine - Deer Park Junction
2014 Automatic Block System provided Sunshine - Deer Park Junction



NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale.

 Sunshine on opening



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