Terang Racecourse Station

Line: Mortlake
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Opened: February 4, 1890
Closed: June 1957

Terang Racecourse opened for traffic with the branch line, but may have existed before then at a different site. It had a 500 foot platform, two loop sidings, two home signals, and padlocks and locking bars on the points. When the station was not used for race traffic the points were spiked for the main line and the signals were fitted with crosses.

The most intensive use of the station was for the New Years Day race meets, with it also used for the Hampden Raceing Club meeting in mid February. In 1930 special trains ran from Camperdown, Colac, and Mortlake, as well as the regular Hamilton and Port Fairy service, and Camperdown services extended to the platform. In 1941 special permission was given for A2 class steam locomotives to run along the branch line at a maximum speed of 15 MPH. Such heavy locomotives would ordinarily banned from use on the line.

In 1944 (or 1941 according to the Weekly Notice) number 3 road had been removed, and by 1957 all facilities except for the up and down home signals were removed, these survived until August 1962. What appears to be a platform mound can still be seen today on the northern side of the line, the station site has been partly covered by a plantation.


February 4, 1890 Opened
June 1957 Closed
Line Opened
February 4, 1890 Line opened Terang to Mortlake
Line Closed
August 1, 1978 Line closed Terang to Mortlake



NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale.

 Terang Racecourse on opening