Walchs Road underpass

On Walchs Road between Seabeach Parade and The Esplanade is an unused underpass built by the railways in the 1950s for a rail connection to Lascelles Wharf.

The bridge has room for a single track underneath, and a relatively deep cutting was excavated to the north until the terrain levelled out. The track would have connected to the Phosphate Sidings at North Shore, running through their factory with the line curving to the north after crossing Seabeach Parade. However the cutting for the line was never excavated, the cutting ending just south of the bridge.

The reservation for the line though the phosphate works remains today and appears in property maps, but the line to the north is occupied by the One Steel wire mill, their buildings blocking the line. How the line was ever intended to connect to Lascelles Wharf is unknown, as it would have probably involved at 180 degree curve into the port land.


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Looking east over the bridge

January 25, 2020