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Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
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The Warrnambool Pier line was a relatively long single track siding running from the station yard south to the harbour. Before reaching the breakwater itself the line curved east and split into two parallel tracks, which then ran along the breakwater to the very end. A number of crossovers were provided between the two tracks. The line presumably opened at the same time as the main line from Melbourne in 1890, as the branch was closed to passengers in 1897.

There was a number of intermediate sidings on the line. Most of the sidings were staff locked.

  • The Western District Preserving Coy had a private siding from at least 1897, trains shunting there needed to put on the handbrake for all wagons, as it was on a 1 in 70 grade.
  • In 1911 a siding was provided 42 chains, 50 links (approximately 950 metres) from the main line to service the Warrnambool Woollen Mill. Later known as the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill Co, it was a loop siding located on the west side of the line and was 272 metres between the points. By 1985 the points had been fitted with staff locks (large type) and the line to the pier had been truncated at the 268.257 km mark, 88 metres beyond the loop siding.
  • The Western District Produce Coy had a siding 800 yards from the Warrnambool station yard, by 1912 the points were locked using the same master key as the woollen mill. It is unknown if this was the renamed Western District Preserving Coy. In 1923 the siding was transferred to the Co-Op Box Coy of Victoria.
  • Law's Siding was opened around April 1912, for the use of the contractor responsible for the extension of the breakwater. The pier line was divided into two Train Staff and Ticket sections, each being worked as one engine in steam. The points to the siding were Annett locked, the key being attached to the Law's Siding - Warrnambool Pier train staff. The siding was abolished in March 1916, presumably due to the works being complete.

The line beyond the 167 mile post (268.703 km) was out of use by February 1944, this was just beyond the woollen mill.

By the 1990s the siding had been removed, the alignment now being mostly occupied by a bike path. The line beyond the woollen mill to the harbour had been removed some time earlier and covered by road widening, but the tracks and crossovers in the pier remain embedded in the concrete today.


Line Opened
February 4, 1890 Line opened Terang to Warrnambool



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