Waurn Ponds holding siding

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 86.638 km
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Opened: October 12, 2014

Located between Waurn Ponds station and the Waurn Ponds cement works, Waurn Ponds holding siding is located on the south side of the Warrnambool mainline, and west of the Anglesea Road overbridge. It provides a location for V/Line services to stable clear of the main line, while other trains pass through the single track at Waurn Ponds station.

It is believed that the original location of the holding siding was to be closer to Waurn Ponds station, but it was moved further west due to noise concerns from local residents.

The holding siding marks the westernmost extent of the Track Block safeworking system on the Geelong line, with freight trains headed to the cement siding just a kilometre further down the line being required to hold a Train Order to enter the single line section towards Warrnambool.


October 12, 2014 Opened
Line Opened
November 25, 1876 Line opened Geelong to Winchelsea



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 Waurn Ponds holding siding on opening



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Signal WPD22 for down trains headed towards the cement works and Warrnambool

Located beneath the Anglesea Road bridge, the a LED 'disc' signal directs trains into the holding siding for Waurn Ponds station

October 26, 2014

Holding siding for Waurn Ponds station, located west of Anglesea Road

Located away from the residential area due to concerns about rail noise, cement trains are still required to collect the master key to access the Blue Circle Southern siding about a kilometre further down the line.

October 26, 2014