Way and Works siding

Line: Fyansford

Located between the Duro Street and Thompsons Road level crossings, the opening date of this siding is unknown. The main line points face Fyansford, with the single track curving to the north, through the boundary fence, and running parallel to the boundary of a block of land for around 1509 metres, until reaching Separation Street.

Beside the rail entry there is a 'PTC Trespassers Prosecuted' with black text on an orange painted board. The majority of the land is covered with concrete pads, drainage connections and electrical boxes for demountable buildings that were used as Way and Works campsites in the 1980s.

At the end of the siding is a small two level platform with a corrugated iron shed on each level, but without rail access. There are also a number of fences constructed from surplus rail, and a McKenzie and Holland relay box housing an electrical switchboard.


Line Opened
September 9, 1918 Line opened Fyansford Line Junction to Fyansford