Williams Landing Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
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Opened: April 28, 2013


Proposals for a new railway station located between Aircraft and Hoppers Crossing data back to at least the early 2000s. Originally given the name "Point Cook", it was changed to Williams Landing when the station was officially announced in 2010, the name being taken from the adjacent housing development on the former RAAF base. The works will cost $110 million - $86 million for the station and $24 million for the Palmers Road overpass.

The station is to be located west of Palmers Road in Williams Landing, with construction requiring the slewing of the existing down broad gauge track to make room for the new island platform. The concourse will be located above the tracks, with a footbridge continuing south over the freeway providing access to pedestrians from Point Cook. Because of issues at Laverton stations that was provided with only lifts and stairs for access, the new Williams Landing station will also have ramps providing access to the overhead concourse.

Construction of the site compound commenced in August 2011, by October the former runway had been fenced off from the railway, and by December 2011 piling work had commenced for the extension of Palmers Road that will cross the railway. Work on the track slew of the down broad gauge was completed over March - April 2012, with platform and piling works also well underway by that date. Work on the overhead concourse was visible by August 2012, and the footbridge over the Princes Freeway was lifted into place in early 2013.



The main entrance to Williams Landing station is to the north, with the newly built Altair Street running parallel to the railway. Bus stop are located directly outside the entrance, disabled and taxi parking is located a short distance to the west, and the main carpark is located to the east, on the other side of the Palmers Road bridge. A secondary entrance is located on Wallace Avenue in Point Cook, linked to the station via the footbridge over the Princes Freeway.

Ramps and stairs link both exits to the overhead concourse, with a lift also provided at the main entrance. Stairs, ramps and a lift also link the overhead concourse to the island platform. At concourse level the booking window and station office are located on the north end of the building, at the south end is the waiting room and a yet-to-be-leased station kiosk.



April 28, 2013 Opened
Line Opened
June 25, 1857 Line officially opened between Geelong and at temporary terminus at Greenwich. A ferry was used the complete the journey to Melbourne
October 3, 1857 Temporary Greenwich terminal and stub line closed. Geelong line now connected to the partially completed Williamstown line. A ferry complete the journey from Williamstown to Melbourne
January 17, 1859 Williamstown line finally completed to Melbourne. Geelong trains can now operate direct to Spencer Street Station
Track Amplified
September 1, 1968 Line duplicated Laverton to Werribee



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 Williams Landing on opening



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