Wyndham Vale Stabling Yard

Line: Regional Rail Link

The original Regional Rail Link plans included a stabling yard for metropolitan trains north of Wyndham Vale, on a site bounded by Ballan Road, Hobbs Road, the Regional Rail Link tracks, and the Werribee River. This facility would serve an extension of the Werribee line north-west from Werribee station through to Wyndham Vale.

In 2018 it was announced that this new train stabling facility would be constructed but for the use of V/Line, who required a new facility to replace their existing stabling at E-Gate in West Melbourne, which has been acquired to make way for an extension of Wurundjeri Way as part of the West Gate Tunnel Project.

The sidings on the site face south towards Wyndham Vale station, with a bypass track and headshunt enabling trains to enter the yard from either direction without delaying passenger services, with bidirectional signalling allowing trains from either platform at Wyndham Vale to access the yard.

The yard has been designed to have six sidings, each long enough to hold four 3-car VLocity units (12 cars per siding) but two middle roads have been left out, leaving four sidings. This will provide heavy vehicle access to each siding for refuelling and de-watering of VLocity trains. Drivers facilities have also been provided. Overhead gantries have been installed along the yard for future electrification, but only overhead lighting has been installed for now.


Line Opened
June 21, 2015 Line opened Deer Park Junction to Manor Junction



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South end of the stabling roads

Signals for trains departing the yard, and a boom barrier controlling access by road diesel tankers

November 20, 2021