Yarraville Station

Yarraville Station
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 7.542 km
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Opened: November 20, 1871

Yarraville is a suburban railway station. Today it has two side platforms flanking a pair of tracks. The Anderson Street level crossing is located at the down end. The up platform has a brick station building built in 1893, while the down platform has a wooden shelter. On the eastern side of the station there was once a goods yard, removed in the 1990s, the site of which remains today.

The station opened on the line on February 2, 1861 as a stopping place but was not until November 20, 1871 that a proper platform was provided. The brick signal box was rebuilt in 1927 and has been retained after closure, though closed off. The level crossing at Anderson Street has a set of interlocked gates preserved in the open position, that were originally commissioned in 1890. One set of four gates protected the double main line, while another set of two gates protected the siding.


November 20, 1871 Opened for passengers (temporary platform)
April 18, 1883 Opened for goods
January 15, 1906 Crossover provided at down end
April 8, 1912 Goods yard extended, with new main line connection at up end
October 18, 1946 New 36 foot gates provided at Somerville Road
February 12, 1969 Crossovers and up end connection from goods yard to main line abolished
April 20, 1969 Somerville Road provided with manually controlled boom barriers
September 14, 1969 Somerville Road boom barriers converted to automatic operation
May 18, 1970 Overpass provided at Somerville Road
March 4, 1972 Platform extension
September 3, 1991 Down end crossover and lead to goods yard removed
June 18, 1995 Interlocked gates and wickets at Anderson Street were replaced with manually controlled boom barriers and pedestrian gates. Boom barriers are operated manually by existing gatestop lever, but will rise automatically behind a train.
June 30, 1996 Signal box abolished, and all home signals converted to automatics. Boom barriers at Anderson Street converted to automatic operation
March 23, 1997 Pedestrian gates replace subway on the up side of Anderson Street level crossing
Line Opened
January 17, 1859 Williamstown line finally completed to Melbourne. Geelong trains can now operate direct to Spencer Street Station
Track Amplified
(January 19, 1887) Line duplicated Yarraville - Yarraville
(January 19, 1887) Double Line Block provided Footscray - Yarraville - Spotswood
December 10, 1906 Seddon opened. Double Line Block section now Seddon - Yarraville
October 22, 1912 Seddon closed. Double Line Block section now Footscray - Yarraville
August 7, 1927 Automatic Block System provided Footscray - Yarraville
March 24, 1929 Automatic Block System provided Yarraville - Spotswood
(September 3, 1991) Yarraville closed. Automatic Block System section now South Kensington - Newport



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