Grade separating Kororoit Creek Road on the Altona line

April 23, 2018
I've created a new album of photos showing progress on the grade separation of the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing on the Altona line.

A few minor bug fixes

January 22, 2018
I've just fixed a bug where Google Maps were not displaying on pages - thanks for the heads up.

A few new articles on the site

October 16, 2017
I've added some new articles to the site over the past few months, going beyond the history of specific locations to future and abandoned projects.

V/Line Geelong updates

October 2, 2015

The 2014-15 State Budget has allocated funds for a new stabling yard and maintenance depot at Waurn Ponds - here you can find the page on the new facility.

Regional Rail Link data added

February 25, 2015

With the pending opening of Regional Rail Link, I have added a rudimentary set of lineguide data to the site, along with links to the existing photos of the infrastructure along the way.

Waurn Ponds updates

November 22, 2014

With the new railway station at Waurn Ponds having opened back in October, I've finally gotten around to updating the Geelong line page to include it, also with uploading some photos of both it and the associated safeworking changes.

Regional Rail Link starts to wind up

September 30, 2014

I have uploaded another few months worth of Regional Rail Link updates - work is starting to wrap up, with all of the trackwork complete, works compounds have been dismantled, and new signals lit and and ready for use.

Regional Rail Link updates

July 12, 2014

I've just uploaded another round of Regional Rail Link updates. New track is in place all the way from Southern Cross all the way to West Werribee, with signalling works completed as far as Sunshine.

And everything is back!

July 7, 2014

I've finally finished rebuidling the site, with all of the photos back where they should be.

Rebuilding the site

July 3, 2014

You might have noticed things are a bit screwed up - I'm currently rebuilding the site on a new server after my old web host pulled the plug! Most of the content is back up and working, but the gallery is the hard bit.

Hopefully everything will be back in good time!