Winchelsea resignalling photos

February 23, 2009
On February 22, 2009 Winchelsea was decommissioned as a block point, the crossing loop having been removed some months earlier. The up and down semaphore home signals were removed, and the up and down departure colour light signals were converted to LED automatic signals. Photos of the work are here.

More site updates

November 12, 2008
I have done some more site tweaks, the last round I did messed things up to some degree. I think this round has not. A number of locations have been expanded as well.

Gallery updates

October 22, 2008
I have just updated and tweaked the gallery software. The main difference is that it handles relocated images better, rather than just giving you an error it redirects you.

Corio Independent Goods Line

October 5, 2008
The Corio Independent Goods Line is pretty much completed, so a page about the layout and signalling has been created: It accompanies the photos here:

Site hosting move

June 12, 2008
The site hosting has just been moved, but everything seems fine.

More photos

April 14, 2008
At present there are two projects occurring on the Geelong line: construction of the Corio Independent Goods Line which is a dual gauge freight line from North Geelong up to North Shore, and the relaying of the wooden sleepered parts of the Geelong Line. Photos of both projects are here and here.

New Updates!

April 1, 2008
Firstly, I have fixed the earlier issue. Secondly, the big announcement - the time has finally come - at least some of the updates I said I would do are now done. I think that is it!

Busted URLs

April 1, 2008
At the present time I am having some trouble with the upgrade I have carried out: my home server didn't have any trouble with the .htaccess file I wrote, but this server it throwing huge tantrums. As a result when you click any links you get a 404 error as they are not getting translated to 'real' pages properly. Uggg!!!!

Photo Gallery

September 7, 2007
The photo gallery is now operational: There is also a search page, and images are linked to the relevant location pages.

Aerial Explorer Fixed

June 19, 2007
If you have been trying out the Google Maps at , you might have found them working strange. That's because the code behind it was mucked up when I updated something that uses the same functions. Anyway - it is fixed now, and works as I intended it to.