Change of Hosting

June 15, 2007
Site now moved to proper hosting.

Geelong Line History

June 14, 2007
The history of the past 150 years of the Geelong Line is now completed.

More histories

April 27, 2007
A lot more location histories written up.

Lotsa Writing

April 15, 2007
Cunningham Pier and Fyansford lines intros written up.

Google Maps Work!

April 8, 2007
Google Maps now complete.

Aerial Imagery Commenced

March 29, 2007
Begun to using the Google Maps API to display locations.

Location Search

March 15, 2007
There is now an option to search the database for a location by the name.


March 3, 2007
Automatic listing of credits added to various places


February 19, 2007
Automatic listing of articles added

Historial Safeworking Switching

December 10, 2006
Now the lineguide displays the appropriate safeworking type for a given year and station!