Aerial Imagery Commenced

March 29, 2007

Begun to using the Google Maps API to display locations.

Location Search

March 15, 2007

There is now an option to search the database for a location by the name.


March 03, 2007

Automatic listing of credits added to various places


February 19, 2007

Automatic listing of articles added

Historial Safeworking Switching

December 10, 2006

Now the lineguide displays the appropriate safeworking type for a given year and station!

Historial Diagram Switching

December 09, 2006

Now the correct diagram is displayed depending on the year selected in the lineguides.

Queenscliff line working good

December 05, 2006

More data added for queenscliff line - LX's and such.

Historial Date Switching

December 03, 2006

Selection of the year to display now implemented, shows only open locations on the Queenscliff line for a given year.

Wordpress now properly integrated

November 30, 2006

Wordpress now themeded to match this site - quite easy to do.

Forums integrated

November 30, 2006

phpBB now integrated into the sites theme.