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53 total matches for March 11, 2007

BP Siding: Signal equipment at the former mainline connection

From left to right - switch lever to operate points, white pillar is the switch lock to obtain release from signaller to unlock points, and red and green point indicator to the right. Small white box is a point detector. Standard gauge line visible in background

March 11, 2007

Newport: Spotswood end of the Altona Sidings at Newport

Spotswood end of the sidings at Newport

March 11, 2007

Yarraville: Station buildings

Looking away from Melbourne

March 11, 2007

Galvin: Substation

Minor substation for electric trains on the direct route via Paisley

March 11, 2007

Paisley: Towards Laverton

Looking towards Laverton from Kororoit Creek Road

March 11, 2007

TDG Siding: Unused points for SG siding

It is believed these points are for a future standard gauge siding for Toll, who own land nearby. Kororoit Creek Road in in the background

March 11, 2007

South Kensington: Up end looking back to station

Goods line are to the left

March 11, 2007

South Kensington: Up End looking down

Up end of South Kensington looking down towards Footscray. Freight lines on the left, lines to Sunshine on the left

March 11, 2007