The following sources were used in the research for this site. The availability of them varies. I would also like to thank the people and organisations listed on the Credits page for their assistance.

ARHS Tour Notes

ARHS Tour Notes - 'Excursion to Fyansford'. April 20th 1965

ARHS Tour Notes - 'South Western Steam Supreme'. 1997 Colac day tour

ARHS Tour Notes - 'Spring Picnic' 1959

Historical notes for the celebration of the centenary of the Geelong Railway, Saturday 29th June 1957.

'Spring Picnic 1963', Melbourne to Geelong and Queenscliff, Saturday December 14, 1963

ARTC Network Access Pack

Code of Practice for Operations & Safeworking - Network Interface Co-ordination Plan, ARTC, 2004

Birregurra by the Barwon

'Birregurra by the Barwon' booklet

Brad McArthur Diagrams

Hand drawn diagrams produced by Brad McArthur of various railway sites during the early 1990s. Available at

Brown Power

Brown Power. Cecil Edwards (1969). State Electricity Commission of Victoria

Cross Country

Cross Country: A history of the Ballarat - Skipton and Newtown Cressy Railway 1883-1985. Norman Houghton and Jack McLean (1986) ARHS (Victorian Division) . ISBN 0 85849 029 3

Electric Railways of Victoria

Electric Railways of Victoria. S.E. Doorman and R.G. Henderson. Australian Electric Traction Association (1979) ISBN 0 909459 06 1

Geelong - The First 150 Years

Geelong - The First 150 Years. Peter Begg. Geelong Advertiser (1990) ISBN 0 9592863 5 7

Geelong Advertiser

Geelong Advertiser

Geelong: A Short History

Geelong: A Short History - Norman Houghton

History of the Geelong Electric Tramways

History of the Geelong Electric Tramways. David J. O'Neil (1994) ISBN 0 646 16868 1

History of the Geelong Railway Tunnel

History of the Geelong Railway Tunnel - Peter F.B. Alsop

History of the Mortlake Line

Mortlake and District Historical Society Newsletter, March 1982. An article prepared by Lindsay and Rosslyn Bamford, members of the Western District Steam Railway Society.

Hobsons Bay Heritage Study

Published in October 2003 by Hobsons Bay City Council. Compiled by Mr David Helms, Hobsons Bay City Council Heritage Planner, in September 2003. A Thematic Environmental History of the City of Williamstown conservation study review, covering the Altona, Laverton, Newport, and Spotswood heritage study.

Andrew Waugh Andrew Waugh. A compilation of signalling histories of a large number of railway stations around Victoria. I would like to thank Andrew for giving me permission to reproduce his work on this site.


Magazine of the Geelong Historical Society

Light Railways Magazine

Magazine published by the Light Railway Research Society of Australia

Little River Historical Society

Locking Sketch

Victorian Railways - Locking Sketch

Main Roads Victoria

Main Roads Victoria:


Monthly magazine produced by the Australian Railway Historial Society, Victorian Division

PN Network Service Plan

Network and Access Division - Network Service Plan, Pacific National, 2006

Rail Centre Colac

Rail Centre Colac: Rail Stations in the Colac Otway Shire 1877 to 2014. Norman Houghton (2014)

Rails to Williamstown

Rails to Williamstown. Marc Fiddian (2001) ISBN 1 875475 20 6

Railway Transportation

Magazine published by Shennen Publishing and Publicity Co between October 1951 and December 1974

Railways of Victoria

The Railways of Victoria: 1854 - 2004. Robert Lee. ISBN 0 552 85134 7

Safeworking Circular

Victorian Railways / STA / PTC / V/Line / whoever is in control this week Safeworking Circular

Signal Arrangement Diagram

Victorian Railways Signal Arrangement Diagrams

Signal Diagram

Victorian Railways Signal Diagrams

South Barwon 1857 - 1985

South Barwon 1857 - 1985. Compiled by John Pescott. Neptune Press / City of South Barwon (1985) ISBN 0 949583 53 7

The Age

The Age

The Geelong Gas Company 1858 - 1958

The Geelong Gas Company 1858 - 1958: 100 years of public service and progressive development

The Golden Steam of Ballarat

The Golden Steam of Ballarat. Dulcie King and Noel Dooley (1973) ISBN 0 909706 07 7

The Onion Line

The Onion Line: A history of the Colac to Alvie Railway 1923-1954. Norman Houghton (2012)

The Saddle Line

'The Saddle Line - A history of the Moriac to Wensleydale Railway. Norm Houghton

Three Decades

Three Decades: The story of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria from its inception to December 1948. Herman Gill (1949) Hutchinson & Co.

Trains, Troops, and Tourists

Trains, Troops, and Tourists: The South Geelong ~ Drysdale ~ Queenscliff Railway. Kathleen and Paul Kenny (2006). The majority of information on the Queenscliff line has been sourced from their book with permission.

V/Line Network Service Plan

V/Line Network Service Plan, various revisions and sections

Vicrail Report

Distribution of petroleum products in Victoria: a rail orientated view. Vicrail 1979

Victoria's railway stations : an architectural survey

Victoria's railway stations : an architectural survey. A. Ward, A. Donnelly in association with the Australian Railway Historical Society. (1982)

Victorian Heritage Register

Victorian Heritage Register

VR General Appendix 1953

Victorian Railways "General Appendix to the Book of Rules and Regulation and to the Working Time Table", 1953

VR General Appendix 1979

Victorian Railways "General Appendix to the Book of Rules and Regulation and to the Working Time Table", 1979

VR Overhead Directory

VR Overhead Directory, prepared by the Overhead Design Division, 1980


Various websites as listed on pages

Weekly Notice

Weekly Operational Notice, issued to operational staff by the VR / VicRail / V/Line / PTC / Connex / Pacific National / V/Line RNA / whoever is running the railways this week

Weekly Notice Extracts - Alan Jungwirth and Keith Lambert

Weekly Notice Extracts. Alan Jungwirth and Keith Lambert (1996) ISBN 0 646 3 00 105